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Supplementary Report - App. Kulloo (Special Force)   Jockey I Chisty suspended 10 Race Meetings (Royal Italian – RM 36)

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HRB Decision Sea Air – 10 JULY 2023

Race Meeting 41 postponed and Race Meeting 42 cancelled

Jockey Mudhoo’s replacements for this weekend

Three additional Race Meetings approved

Mauritius Turf family mourns the loss of Alain Perdrau

Draw Ceremony for ‘The BSP Group – People’s Derby Cup’ today

The Gatekeeper gets Draw 1 at ceremony hosted by the HRD

Prohibited substance: Trainer Ramdin fined Rs 40 000

Jockeys Bheekary and Rama take one Meeting suspension

Vincent Allet’s PML suspended, his horses scratched for RM 17

Jockey Fayd’herbe suspended 1 year and fined Rs 100K

Jockey Donohoe gets two suspensions and fined Rs 10 000

Rs 100K fine for People’s Turf Plc for using an uncalibrated breathalyzer

Use of Twydil on race day: Trainer Nagadoo found guilty and fined

Clenbuterol in horse Creation: Rs 250K fine to Trainer Ramdin  

HRD becomes Associate member of the ARF

Jockey Fayd’herbe found not guilty for failed breathalyzer test

Changes to Race Cards

HRD calls off Meeting 5 due to track conditions

NSA confirms sanctions, Andrews suspended until April 2023 

Race Meeting 1 cancelled

Jockey Fayd’herbe stood down for RM 2

The dates for the Racing Season approved

Treatments of horses now public

3-Meeting suspension for Jockey Fayd’herbe for not riding out to the finish

A L Da Silva gets 1 week for interference

A L Da Silva gets 4 more Meetings for interference

2-Meeting penalty for Fayd’herbe

HRD Stewards give jockey De Souza 1 year suspension

Trippi’s Express-weigh in: Communique of the HRD

People’s Turf Plc gives up on Fegentri

Racing Season postponed until further notice

No races as MTCSL has no HRO license

Extension of deadline to MTCSL

HRD sets new date for start of the season

Owners want racing to start

Ruhee Stable is back

Horse Weight Race Meeting 1 – (05 June 2022)

Juniper Lane (Race 3 – No. 2) Scratched (lame near hind) for Race Meeting 1 of 05 June 2022

The new dates approved by the Commissioner of Police

A prohibited substance detected in sample of G I Joe

Horses arriving at Champ de Mars on Saturday

Jockey Allyhosain appeals against his two-week suspension

Horses arriving at Champ de Mars on Saturday

Maujean suspended for two race meetings

Corrigendum : gears for Race Meeting 12

12 entries received for the Barbé Cup

Alpirod and Zeno put to retirement

Jockeys satisfied they are all insured

Mr. Mahendher acting Head of the HRD in Mr. Wood’s absence

Race Meeting 15 cancelled due to few nominations

Sooful takes 1 Race Meeting for interference

Rs 7500 fine for jockey Joorawon

Allyhosain misses two Meetings through suspension

Anthony Andrews withdraws his appeal for Nimitz

One Race Meeting this weekend, new entries received

Bheekary suspended 3 meetings for lack of vigour

Sola gets one month suspension for failing breathalyser test

A likely 11-horse field for Maiden Cup

New barrier draws done for Maiden Cup

Wayne Wood back and ready to go again

Five horses compete in the last leg of the Sprint Series.

Anthony Andrews gets 3 Meetings suspension for Padre Pio

Four months suspension for Anthony Andrews

Five more meetings suspension for Andrews

Apprentice Sonaram suspended for not following instructions

Race 6 (Meeting 30) at 15h25

Andrews withdraws his appeal for Cartel Boss

Ramsamy stood down, Roy on Crushing Force


Anthony Andrews’ licence cancelled

Jockey A.L. Da Silva suspended for 3 Meetings

Trainer Sewdyal fined Rs 5000 for misuse of equipment

Jockey Da Silva suspended 8 race meetings

Four jockeys sanctioned for being in possession of alcohol

Aucharuz gets an 8-Meeting ban

Bernard Fayd’herbe suspended for 10 meetings

Lady and Gentlemen Riders of Fegentri at MTCSL and PT Plc

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Ensure that a horse racing organiser effectively discharges its responsibilities regarding the organisation of horse racing in all its aspects, including safety, comfort and standards of hygiene, security, discipline and the prevention of fraud.

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