Apprentice Sonaram suspended for not following instructions

The Stewards of the Horse Racing Division has inflicted a suspension of two race meetings to apprentice M. Sonaram on 14 October 2022, for not following trainer R. Maingard’s instructions while riding horse Dayla Vista in The Flacq Senior Citizens Association Cup, during Race Meeting 26 at People Turf Plc.

Apprentice M. Sonaram and Trainer R Maingard were interviewed in connection with a complaint lodged by Trainer R Maingard.

Apprentice M. Sonaram pleaded not guilty to the charge, however, he was found guilty of the contravention of Rule 208 (c) of the Rules of Racing, in that he failed to obtain cover in the race, as instructed, and instead let his horse go to the lead.

As a consequence, a penalty of suspension from riding in races, with effect from 19th October 2022 up  to 23rd October 2022, (both days inclusive), covering a period of 2 Race Meetings.

Apprentice M. Sonaram was advised of his right to appeal.

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