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Responsible Gambling Policy

The Horse Racing Division is the governing body of the thoroughbred racing industry in Mauritius and we recognise that the sport of racing is a popular gambling medium.

The majority of individuals enjoy this gambling medium without a problem. However, we understand that problem gambling behaviour can occur in relation to wagering on racing and that such behaviour can have negative impacts for individuals, their family, their workplace and local communities.

Although the Horse Racing Division is not a gambling provider, we acknowledge that the thoroughbred racing industry is a participant in the wagering and gaming business and that it is the Mauritius Turf Club Sports and Leisure (MTCSL), licensed by the Horse Racing Division, who provide the infrastructure for horse racing and wagering .

The Horse Racing Division makes this statement of commitment to promote responsible gambling on horse racing in Mauritius and to support the Government of the Republic of Mauritius with shared objectives of fostering responsible gambling and minimising harm arising from problem gambling behaviour.

In particular, we commit to working with the relevant gambling service providers, the MTCSL and other business partners to promote responsible gambling messages and practices in the course of the thoroughbred racing industry’s interactions with the Mauritian community.

If you have a gambling problem, call Responsible Gambling on 8909 from noon to midnight.

January 2022

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