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The Horse Racing Committee of the HRD shall:

  • Ensure that a horse racing organiser effectively discharges its responsibilities regarding the organisation of horse racing in all its aspects, including safety, comfort and standards of hygiene, security, discipline and the prevention of fraud,
  • Initiate, develop and implement strategies conducive to the development of horse racing and the protection of the public in relation to risks inherent to horse racing,
  • Coordinate with the Police des Jeux for the prevention of illegal acts in connection with horse racing,
  • Be responsible for horse race planning, including the preparation and publication of the horse race calendar, fixture lists, nominations and race cards,
  • Conduct disciplinary proceedings that may arise in relation to the conduct of horse racing,
  • Issue Personal Management Licences under Section 93B,
  • Approve and licence equestrian centres and workout programmes,
  • Approve the importation of racehorses,
  • Set and enforce standards for race courses,
  • Issue and enforce the Rules of Racing, other rules and guidelines and directions,
  • Set up panels of Racing Stewards,
  • Register Stables and Owners,
  • Register Trainers, Jockeys, Riders and other horse racing professionals,
  • Employ and issue directions to race course officials,
  • Issue Rules, Directions and Guidelines to any horse racing organiser to –
    I. Provide for veterinary services,
    II. Ensure the safety and security of race horses,
    III. Ensure anti-doping measures, and
    IV. Procure laboratory services for testing of equine blood, urine and other samples,
  • Licence Equine Veterinarians,
  • Advise the Minister on any matter relating to the organisation of horse racing,
  • Undertake such other functions as may be prescribed.
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