Equine Welfare & Veterinary

Importation of Horses


This is the Horse Racing Division requirements for the importation of a training horse to Mauritius.

Once you have selected the animal you are to provide the HRD Handicapper with all the wins and performances of the horse so he can give you an estimate of the rating in Mauritius. This may assist you in deciding if the horse fits into your stable.

If the rating by the Handicapper meets your requirements for the horse to run in Mauritius he will give you a form of approval.

You take that form of approval to the Veterinary Services of the Ministry of Agro and Food Security phone: (230) 454 1016 or 454 1017 email moa-dvs@govmu.org) to obtain their permission to import the animal. The Veterinary Services will inform you of the requirements to land the horse in Mauritius and what will be required by them thereafter.

The original Bill of Sale note is to be presented to the HRD along with cash or a bank draft for the amount of the horse plus VAT of 15% this is to be paid into the Purchasers Keep account.

The Bill of Sale should include, any requirement by either Government body for taxation purposes, the name of the seller or company, their address, phone number and email address, the name of the account and all account details including Swift, BSB and account number to ensure a smooth transfer of funds. The purchase price is then transferred to the seller and the VAT amount is transferred to the Mauritius Revenue Authority.

It is the responsibility of the Purchaser to arrange the necessary quarantine and transport for the animal to Mauritius, also quarantine in Mauritius including any relevant custom requirements. 

The Purchaser or his representative is to present the Passport to the Chief Veterinarian or the Stipendiary Stewards at the HRD

NB: The following Rules of Racing

  1. A trainer shall be responsible and ensure, at all times in relation to veterinary care and welfare:

(a)     that all newly imported horses be identified the Chief Veterinarian of the HRD inside twenty-one days of their arrival in Mauritius against the passport of the horse obtained from the HRD;

128A Provision of information in relation to overseas racing

(1) If a horse registered overseas which had its last start outside Mauritius is to race in Mauritius, the nominator of that horse must by nominations closing time provide the following information to the HRD:

(a)        the total number of starts the horse has had;

(b)        the racecourse and date of each start;

(c)        the type of race and the distance;

(d)       the finishing position and the weight carried; and

(e)        total of the prize money offered for each race and the amount received for winning or being placed in each race.


(2) Details of performance in overseas countries must be confirmed by an official of the controlling body of racing in the jurisdiction in which the horse last raced.


(3)        If a horse registered overseas has never started in a race, the nominator of that horse must provide written confirmation of that to the HRD, by a statutory declaration or a letter from the Recognised Turf Authority or Stud Book where the horse was last registered or foaled.


(4)        Before a horse will be allowed to start in any race for the first time in Mauritius; such horse must be produced before the Veterinarian of the HRD for Identification. An Owner or Trainer of a horse must produce the Passport / BCN signed by the Secretary of the Racing Authority abroad under whose Rules such horse has been registered.

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