NSA confirms sanctions, Andrews suspended until April 2023

The National Horseracing Authority of South Africa, via an official communique issued this Thursday 17 November 2022, has reciprocated the findings and penalties handed down by the Stewards of the Horse Racing Division to jockey Anthony Andrews, while he was riding in Mauritius this year.

The suspending period for Anthony Andrews in South Africa is as follows:

  1. Charlie Squadron (19 October 2022 – 6 February 2023)
  2. Cartel Boss (7 February 2023 – 5 March 2023)
  3. Padre Pio (6 March 2023 – 20 March 2023)
  4. Var’s Elusion (21 March 2023 – 4 April 2023)

The HRD thanks the NHA for its professional approach in this matter and for having reciprocated all the sanctions which have been imposed in Mauritius by its Stewards.

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