Rs 100K fine for People’s Turf Plc for using an uncalibrated breathalyzer

The Horse Racing Division of Mauritius confirms that at an Inquiry held in its offices in Happy World House on 24 April 2023, horseracing organizer People’s Turf PLC, which was represented by CEO Mr K Ubheeram, was charged with a contravention of Rule 11.18.

The details of the charge were that on 25 March 2023, PTP PLC failed to have and maintain at the Champ de Mars racecourse a calibrated breathalyzer in order to facilitate the sampling of Jockeys, this resulted in all data collected from the samples analysed on the day by the breathalyzer provided being declared invalid.

PTP PLC pleaded guilty to the charge and accordingly was found guilty as charged by the Inquiry Board.

After considering the evidence in mitigation and aggravation, PTP PLC was fined the sum of MUR 100 000.

PTP PLC has the right of appeal against the severity of the penalty imposed.

25 April 2023

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