Mr. Mahendher acting Head of the HRD in Mr. Wood’s absence

In the absence of Mr. Wayne Wood, who is leaving for Australia for a medical check-up, from August 14 2022 to beginning of September 2022, Mr. Telegu Subramaniyam Mahendher will act as Head of the Horse Racing Division.

Mr. Mahendher is the handicapper of the Horse Racing Division. He has a Diploma on Horse Racing Control from the Royal Academy of India, a Diploma in Computer Applications, a Master in Computer Applications and a Bachelor of Science in Electronics.

Mr Mahendher has held various positions in the racing industry. He has been Chief Steward, Senior Steward, Senior handicapper and Clerk of the Course.

During this period of time, Mr. Sanjeev Thakan will be the acting handicapper. Mr Thakan has been working closely with Mr. Mahendher during the season.

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