Lady and Gentlemen Riders of Fegentri at MTCSL and PT Plc

The Fegentri (Federation of Gentlemen and Lady Riders) stars are back at the Champ de Mars at the end of the current season! MTC Sports & Leisure Ltd (MTCSL) and People’s Turf Plc (PTP) have both obtain the approval of the Horse Racing Committee (HRC) of the Horse Racing Division (HRD) for holding races for riders of Fegentri for their last meetings of 2022.

MTCSL will host the Fegentri Lady Riders contest, a 1600m race for Rating 0-25, on Race Meeting 39 (11 December 2022).

PTP has planned two mixed races for Ladies and Gentlemen Riders, the first being a 1500m for Benchmark 31 on 17 December 2022, and the last a 1600m for 0-20 horses on 18 December 2022. It is the first time that Gentlemen Riders of the Fegentri will ride in Mauritius.

The Lady Riders of Fegentri last performed at the Champ de Mars in 2018, when Social Network, trained by Mr. Amar Sewdyal, stole the show with Sweden Jessica Vadst in the saddle.

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