Clenbuterol in horse Creation: Rs 250K fine to Trainer Ramdin

At an Inquiry held in its offices of the Horse Racing Division in Happy World House on 21 April 2023, Trainer C Ramdin was charged with a contravention of Rule 65(1) read with 65(2).

The details of the charge were that on 21 March 2023, Mr Ramdin was the Trainer of the horse Creation when a sample of hair taken from this horse disclosed upon analysis the presence of Clenbuterol which, as there was no recording of such administration for this substance to the horse in the Veterinary Treatment Register, is an illicit substance in terms of the Rules.

Trainer Ramdin pleaded not guilty to the charge however, was found guilty as charged by the Board.

After considering the evidence in mitigation and aggravation, Trainer Ramdin was fined the sum of MUR 250 000.

Trainer Ramdin has the right of appeal against the finding and penalty imposed.

21 April 2023

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