Anthony Andrews’ licence cancelled

South African jockey Anthony Andrews can no longer ride in Mauritius this season, after his 24-meeting suspension for his ride on Charlie Squadron has been confirmed by the Appeal Committee, on Wednesday 19 October 2022.

This verdict results in an automatic cancellation of his licence issued by the Horse Racing Division (HRD), as per the Rule 84G (i), which states: “No jockey who has been suspended for more than 12 weeks either consecutively or cumulatively during the same season shall be authorised to ride for the remaining of the season.”

An inquiry was held by the Stewards of the Horse Racing Division into jockey A. Andrews riding of Charlie Squadron, in race 2, The Prettie Mollie Plate, on Saturday 20 August 2022, during Race Meeting 16, at the MTC Sports And Leisure.

Jockey Andrews was charged with a contravention of Rule 208 (a) for not riding to the satisfaction of the Racing Stewards to obtain the best possible place or win, and pleaded not guilty to the charge however, was found guilty as charged by the Board. After hearing the evidence in mitigation, the Inquiry Board imposed a penalty of a suspension from riding in races for a period of 4 months, which covers 24 Mauritian Race Meetings.

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